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Legacy of a Wau Maker,

A Father-Son 

Story of Tradition.



For 51 years, Gallery Wau Pak Sapie and Sons has been a cornerstone of Malaysia's wau-making industry. After the passing of Pak Sapie, a pioneer in this traditional art, his son Wan Anuar continued his legacy for over six years. Pak Sapie was known for his unwavering dedication to the craft, often working on wau even at home. Wan Anuar often says, 

Arwah ayah ni, kira hati kental dan saya pun tak sampai lagi taraf kental seperti dia. Macam mana nak kata kental? Dia tak pernah bosan dengan wau. Saya ni kadang ada juga rasa bosan. Kadang balik rumah pun dia buat wau lagi.”

Wan Anuar's journey into wau-making began reluctantly. At the age of 15, he entered a school competition without much interest and did not achieve significant results. In his final year of secondary school, he realized his future prospects were limited without formal qualifications, so he entered another competition and won first place, revealing his hidden talent.

After finishing school, Wan Anuar moved to Kuala Lumpur to gain more experience, like many of his peers. He later returned to his hometown in Kelantan and got married. A turning point came when his wife encouraged him to explore his own interest in learning how to make wau. With his father's help providing the raw frame, Wan Anuar started creating a wau and entered a national-level competition, where he achieved third place. Reflecting on this success, Wan Anuar realized that the talent was in his blood even without formal training.



Curious about the first-place winner, Wan Anuar discovered that his father's friend had taken the top spot, while his father's student came in second. Wan Anuar asked his father if he could learn from the winner. With his father's encouragement, he dedicated himself to training rigorously, eventually surpassing both his mentor and his father. Despite his achievements, Wan Anuar humbly acknowledges, "Cumanya, kental tak kental tadi tak sampai level lagi." Acknowledging that he still hadn't reached his late father's level of dedication.

"Mungkin sebelum ni Pak Sapie selalu menang, tiba-tiba kalah dengan anak dia tak pelik lah ya," he remarked, proud yet humble about defeating his own mentor and father. Wan Anuar's journey is a testament to the enduring legacy of Gallery Wau Pak Sapie and Sons, where the art of wau-making is not just a craft but a cherished family tradition.



The place is open to the public, but priority is given to those with appointments.
Contact: Wan Anuar +6 019 - 928 1399
 Galeri Wau Pak Sapie, Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan, 15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


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